Although not officially a word in the English language, the word concorder can have quite a few meanings or connotations... 


Concorde SST

The Concorde SST was the only commercial passenger air liner to offer supersonic air travel. The turbojet-powered Concorde supersonic transport was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, developed together through the cooperation of the United Kingdom (manufacturer: British Aircraft) and France (manufacturer: Aérospatiale).  First flown in 1969, the Concorde entered commercial service as a passenger air liner in 1976 and was in service for 27 years. The SST was capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean within three hours and 45 minutes, cruising at twice the speed of sound (or 1,370 miles per hour).

While it was largely considered ahead of its time, it was also considered the safest means of travel until the 25th of July, 2000, when the Concorde SST flight 4590 left London's Heathrow Airport for New York and soon after crashed into a nearby hotel.  After that crash, all Concorde flights were cancelled and all of these supersonic jets were grounded pending the results of the investigation. On October 3rd, 2003 the last 3 Concordes landed.  The official retirement flight was on November 26th, 2003 and these iconic supersonic turbojets have not flown since (as of Jan, 2012).

The term concorder could then reference one of the elite class that flew aboard the Concorde SST while it was still in service.


Mac OSX Concorder

Concorder was also an open source concordance program for Apple's Macintosh OSX. Concorder will analyze word frequency in a text file. It recently moved its home download page and I found a new release version of it on MacUpdate at:

"Concorder Pro is like the program Concordance. It allows you to examine documents and text files for phrases and words. The source code is available."

It requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later.




Concorder VLAN-100CF

The Concorder VLAN-100CF is a network based voice logger equipped with a sensitive built-in microphone, allowing you to record/archive meetings, briefings, lectures,interviews, and even telephone calls.

Concorder VLAN-100CF

The Concorder VLAN-100CF connects to a host computer (such as a laptop) via Ethernet LAN and stores recorded voice files on the host computer’s hard drive, marking it easy to archive and retrieve voice files. It is also possible to monitor the recording in real time remotely over LAN.


Concorde Career Colleges

We could also assume that a Concorder is a student or alumni of one of the Concorde Career Colleges.


Concorder in French


verbe intransitif

Définition concorder:

Sens 1) Correspondre, être en conformité avec quelque chose.

Sens 2) Coïncider.

Conjugaison voir la conjugaison du verbe concorder

7 synonymes: cadrer, coïncider, coller, convenir, correspondre, répondre, s'accorder

Anglais (coïncider) to coincide, to agree ; (être en accord avec) to be in accordance with



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